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Greta Wanyik, M.D.

Internal Medicine
Robert Comer, M.D.

Career Highlights:

  • Dr. Wanyik earned her Doctorate in BioChemistry and Medical Degree from Munich University in Germany. In Europe a person must earn a Doctorate, not just a Medical Degree to have the title of "Doctor", otherwise they are just a "Physician", thus Dr. Wanyik is a true "Doctor" in the European tradition.
  • She completed her Residency at the Long Beach VA in Internal Medicine and Nuclear Medicine.
  • Dr. Wanyik is a past Chief of Staff at Long Beach Community Hospital.
  • She started her Private Practice in 1966 at St. Mary Medical Center.
  • Dr. Wanyik was "Physician #1" in ProHealth as she was the first to "test" the Argus Billing Service in 1994 prior to going live with ProHealth in 1995. She spent many hours teaching coding to Imee Tanseco (Argus Coding Manager). Since then Imee has been teaching Dr. Wanyik on ICD10 and other topics.
  • Dr. Wanyik, along with Dr. Fischer and Dr. Gorlick, started the ProHealth Reference Laboratory (which was later sold and is now part of Quest).
  • In addition to her full practice she spends several hours each day reading and researching different topics in Medicine.
  • Dr. Wanyik considers her patients to be family and friends. She looks at all aspects of each patient: their physical, mental and social state. She has never taken HMO patients in her thriving practice due to time restrictions of a large practice.

Personal: Dr. Wanyik is married and has 2 children: Dr. Perer Ferrera and Dr. Anna Ferrera, both of whom have worked with her in her practice. Dr. Peter Ferrera now has a full practice and is still working with Dr. Wanyik, Dr. Anna Ferrera has moved and is practicing Internal Medicine in Reno.

Hobbies: Dr. Wanyik is an accomplished artist. Several of her paintings are on display throughout St. Mary Medical Center, including the Chapel. Her home is a virtual Gallery of her art work. She supports Animal Rights and has several cats and dogs. Having lived under Monarchies in Romania and Transylvania and Dictatorship in Hungary, Dr. Wanyik is a self-avowed "Political Junkie" and "Democracy Advocate".

Little Known Facts:

  • Dr. Wanyik originally wanted to go to Veterinary School.
  • She was an "Only Child" and was born in a 600 year old house that was featured in the movie "Across The Woods" as an Inn called the "Golden Crown". The house was in Transylvania which was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and is now part of Romania.
  • Although she was born in Transylvania, has a PhD in Bio-Chemistry and started the ProHealth Lab as well as the St. Mary Blood Bank, she swears she is not a Vampire.
  • She is fluent in German and Hungarian. Years ago St. Mary Medical Center purchased a German Shepherd "Police Dog" that had been trained in Hungarian. Over the years Dr. Wanyik was the only person who spoke Hungarian on Campus and St. Mary utilized her to give the dog commands. There is no proof to the rumor that she threatened to have the dog attack the St. Mary Administrator during negotiations for her office lease.
  • As a 13 year old, Dr. Wanyik worked in a Hotel Spa which became a hospital during the war and she and her mother tended to many of the wounded soldiers. That experience as well as having several physicians members in her family, inspired her to become a physician.

Her Motto: "Freedom, Equality, Empathy and Respect for all Life".

Favorite Sayings: "Freedom, Equality, Empathy and Respect for all Life".

  • "What goes around comes around".
  • "Dignity for all life created by God".
  • "You cannot unscramble an egg."

Office Location:
1045 Atlantic Ave., Suite 505
Long Beach, CA 90813
Office #: (562) 495-4952
Fax# : (562) 495-3795

Office Hours:
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday thru Friday

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