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ProHealth Partners is extremely proud of our physicians with their various achievements and special qualities. It gives us great pleasure to share with you some insights and information about these exceptional men and women who are providing quality medical care and contributing in other ways, to a better quality of life in our community.


Robert Lugliani, M.D.

Dr. lugliani

Dr. Lugliani graduated from Tufts Medical School and completed his training in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine at Harbor UCLA.

Dr. Lugliani has published 19 research papers.

Dr. Lugliani and 18 other physicians founded ProHealth Partners and Argus Medical Management in 1995. Dr. Lugliani has served as the President of Argus & ProHealth since inception.

Dr. Lugliani and his wife have seven children and twelve grandchildren.

His Hobbies:

Dr. Lugliani's greatest passion in life is practicing medicine.

Dr. Lugliani's second greatest passion in life is historically accurate architectural recreations at his home. For example, he has a "BraveHeart" Room, a Tuscan fireplace and a "Garden of Life" complete with statues of Roman gods.

Wine and Italian Cooking.

Little Known Facts about Dr. Lugliani:

Dr. Lugliani was born in Italy and came to the United States at age 8.

Dr. Lugliani served in the Air Force as a physician and was deployed to Vietnam.

Dr. Lugliani's driveway behind his house is composed of colored tiles and each tile represents a note from the Opera "Verde".

Motto: "Carpe Diem."

Favorite Sayings: "Petal to the Metal"

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