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ProHealth Partners is extremely proud of our physicians with their various achievements and special qualities. It gives us great pleasure to share with you some insights and information about these exceptional men and women who are providing quality medical care and contributing in other ways, to a better quality of life in our community.


Steven Lake, M.D.

Robert Comer, M.D.

Career Highlights:

Dr. Lake attended the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara medical school and his residency at the LA Veterans hospitals and UC Irvine. He has been in private practice in Long Beach since 1981. He is a past Medical Director of the Long Beach Memorial Hospice and is a current Medical Director for Bixby Knolls Skilled Nursing Facility. Dr. Lake's father was an Internist who practiced in Long Beach from 1953 to 1981. Dr. Lake had planned on doing a Fellowship in Infectious Disease, however, when his father became ill, he decided to take over his father's practice in 1981. Dr. Lake is one of the founders of ProHealth Partners.


Dr. Lake is married and has 2 children. He just became a grandfather on May 12, 2012.


Dr. Lake most likely has more hobbies than anyone in ProHealth or Argus (combined). In fact, finding new hobbies is, well, like a hobby for him. His hobbies tend to run in phases that span years and decades. His hobbies include (but are not limited to): painting with oils and charcoals, stamp collecting, antique cars (he owns a 1951 Hudson), backpacking and camping. In addition, he has played the piano for 20 years, enjoys traveling (including recent trips to Morocco, Greece and Iceland), road trips, fly fishing, and his latest number #1 hobby is Astronomy. For Dr. Lake hobbies are a family affair, not just traveling and backpacking with the entire family but for virtually all hobbies, like attending comic book conventions (did I forget to mention comic books?).

Little Known Facts:

In addition to his numerous hobbies, Dr. Lake speaks Spanish fluently, and is a part time Historian. For example, he was researching the History of the Santa Fe Railroad because his grandfather worked part time for the railroad. One of his grandfather's assignments was to keep the Presidential candidate William Jennings Bryant on schedule, as the candidate tended to speak too long. His solution: have the candidate address the crowd from the back of a train, which then would leave on time whether or not the candidate was done talking. This became a staple of American Politics (think of Teddy Roosevelt speaking from the back of a train in the movie "The Wind and the Lion"). Dr. Lake's favorite movie: Tombstone with Kurt Russell (Dr. Lake is also a movie aficionado).

Motto: :"Family First"

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