Claudia Eppele, M.D.

Board Certified in Family Medicine

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"I am a Primary Care Physician that has transitioned my practice from Family Medicine to Mental Health to specialize in Anxiety and Depression. I have been trained on Homeopathy (Natural Medicine), Bioidentical Hormonal Optimization, Traumatic Brain Injury, Mindful Meditation, and Weight Loss. I understand how powerful the effects of hormonal imbalances can be on our physical and mental health and how important it is to customize each patient's therapy and treat the individual as a whole. My passion is to improve patient's lives and help them make stronger bonds with the ones they love."

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has specialization in Family Medicine
Physician’s clinic is located at 2900 Bristol St., Bldg B, Ste. 205 Costa Mesa, California 92626
You can contact Physician through these number: (855) 867-5551 & (949) 209 -1981 Fax
2900 Bristol St., Bldg B, Ste. 205
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(855) 867-5551
(949) 209 -1981 Fax
3939 Atlantic Ave., Suite 102 and 223
Long Beach, CA 90807
(855) 867-5551
(949) 209-1981 Fax

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Handicap access

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Claudia Eppele, MD

Board Certified in Family Medicine

Office Languages

English, Spanish

Education and Training

Medical Education
Facultad de Medicina del la
Universidad Autonoma de
San Luis Potosi
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Internship & Residency
Family Medicine Residency Program
UC Davis
Doctors Medical Center
Modesto, CA

Hobbies and Interests

Dr. Eppele is married and has two children- a girl and a boy. They are the loves of her life. She enjoys cooking, reading, watching movies, and going to the theater.

Specialized Training

Hormonal optimization with bio
identical pellets- BIOTE
Traumatic Brain Injury Protocol - TBI
Certified in Homeopathy
Harvard University trained
TMS Specialist
Medically manages weight loss

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