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ProHealth Partners proudly welcomes new members to our medical group. Since 1995 we have continued to seek out and add exceptional new physicians and medical practitioners to our group in order to consistently provide an excellent standard of care to our patients.

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Hospital Hero Awards Making Miracles Happen

Seventh Annual Hospital Hero Awards; St. Mary Medical Center; Presented at Omni Los Angeles Hotel on November 9, 2012.

Dr. Murray is a highly trained and seasoned trauma surgeon. He is described as very calm, professional and organized . He works well during surgery, and everyone loves him! Not only that, according to his staff, Dr. Murray "practices medicine with a human heart. He practices with humanity". This is what makes him a hero. He also listens carefully and with interest to patients, nursing staff and anesthesiologists. He takes everyone's input into consideration. He also is the calm during a chaotic storm. He is the leader who has saved critical patients' lives while others could not because he takes charge of what needs to be done and he follows through with professionalism, skill and dignity.

Dr. Murray always speaks softly and gently with patients and relates with all levels whether the person is a child, elder, homeless or a dignitary. He listens compassionately, taking the time to hear his patients speak about their concerns whether they are in the ER, office or holding room, and together they make the decisions, often with the family by their side. Even during the most hectic times, Dr. Murray is that cool and collected hero who can lead a team into a successful surgery where others would fall. (View Award Certificate)

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